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To aid consumers, legislation provides that all funeral homes must provide an itemized price list of all of their related professional service charges as well as casket and merchandise charges. A general price list must be available at consumers' request without cost or obligation. 

We pride ourselves on always being one of the most reasonably priced funeral homes in the area, although many expect our charges to be much higher given the level of professionalism, quality of facilities and ethical standards. Consumers and families finally can learn first hand that there is a difference and families needn't fall into the trap of traditional loyalty many funeral homes attempt to count on. Today, being good is not good enough.  

Also, over the years we have found that some families have a need for funeral services at a more affordable price.  For these families we have formulated plans to provide them with our complete funeral services at a price less than the total itemized costs from the general price list.  However, these plans provide a more limited selection of merchandise and no deviations of any kind are permitted.

If you would be interested in receiving a copy of any of our pricing information, please contact us by "Ask the Director" or  at (859) 525-9009.


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