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Today, some people are considering cremation rather than traditional burial, but really don't understand what options are available to them.  If you’ve considered cremation for yourself or a loved one, we want you to know that we provide services especially designed to enhance and preserve the memorial funeral tradition.

Cremation Options

Traditional Cremation

A service with the body present, followed by cremation, is now recognized as a life-affirming experience.  And by allowing friends and family to view the body, families can be helped to deal with their loss in a positive and healthy way, acknowledging the reality of death, while celebrating the life that has been lived.

Contemporary Cremation

This option allows for friends and family to gather together, to support one another, to remember and to share, but without the body present. The family is provided the opportunity to acknowledge the death and celebrate the life of the individual with a special gathering of friends and family, followed by a ceremony of remembrance.

Direct Cremation

In cases where there is no desire to have a gathering or service of any sort, we provide for the direct disposition of the body.

We are here to help, so do not hesitate to ask us about the many choices you have with today’s cremation traditions.

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